Sea Kayak by Gordon Brown 2006

The Art of Kayaking by Nigel Foster 2017

Sea Kayak Handling by Doug Cooper 2009

Rough Water Handling by Doug Cooper 2012

Sea Kayaking Safety and Rescue by John Lull 2008



Kayak Navigation by David Burch  2016

Sea Kayak Navigation by Franco Ferrero 2007

Simple Kayak Navigation by Ray Killen 2006

NOAA Chart Number 1

NOAA Coastal Pilot 1

USCG Navigation Rules

Tidelog for Northern New England


Paddling Guides 

Kayaking the Maine Coast by Dorcas Miller

AMC Sea Kayaking in New England


First Aid 

Paddlers’ Guide for Treating Medical Emergencies by Partick Brighton

Mountaineering First Aid by Carline, Lentz and Macdonald



Onboard weather forecasting by Bob Sweet a Captain’s Quick guidelines

Davis Quick reference Weather Forecasting ISBN # 1-892524-06-6