Club Library

Items may be checked out at meetings, or by contacting Lee Bumsted via Meetup ( Can do pickup and drop-offs at SMSKN meetings or her house in South Portland.

Loan period is two months, with a three item limit per member, so that materials will be available to other members. Contact Lee with suggestions of reading/viewing materials you’d like the Network to acquire.

Resources available:

  1. 1st Roll: Eskimo Roll for Sea Kayakers; by Jay Babina. DVD
  2. ABC’s of the Surf Zone; University of Sea Kayaking Vol. 4 (Wayne Horodowich), DVD
  3. A Boat in our Baggage: Around the World with a Kayak; by Maria Coffey.
    Adventure Kayaking: Trips in Glacier Bay; by Don Skillman
  4. Alone at Sea; by Dr. Hannes Lindemann
  5. AMC’s Best Sea Kayaking in New England: 50 Coastal Paddling Adventures from Maine to Connecticut; by Michael Daugherty
  6. Around the Rock: A Newfoundland Sea Kayak Journey; by Ken Campbell
  7. Belize by Kayak; by Kirk Barrett
  8. Bracing Clinic: The Art of Staying Upright by University of Sea Kayaking Vol 5 (Wayne Horodowich). DVD
  9. The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic. DVD
  10. British Canoe Union Canoe and Kayak Handbook; edited by Franco Ferrero
  11. Building Skin-on-Frame Boats; by Robert Morris
  12. Chart #1 U.S. Nautical Chart Symbols Abbreviations and Terms
  13. Cold Water Boating; by Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation. DVD
  14. Complete Book of Sea Kayaking, 5th edition; by Derek Hutchinson
  15. The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook, 1st edition; by Shelley Johnson
  16. The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook, 2nd edition; by Shelley Johnson
  17. The Cruelest Journey: Six Hundred Miles to Timbuktu; by Kira Salak
  18. Decide to Return: A Strategy for Safe Sea Kayaking; by American Canoe Association. DVD
  19. Derek C. Hutchinson’s Expedition Kayaking, 4th edition; by Derek Hutchinson
  20. Dr. Ben’s New & Improved Rolling Elixir; by Ben Lawry. DVD
  21. Eastern Horizons: Exploring the Atlantic Coast by Kayak. DVD
  22. Eskimo Rolling, 3rd edition; by Derek Hutchinson
  23. Essential Sea Kayaking; by Jonathan Hanson
  24. Fearless: One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent; by Joe Glickman
  25. Florida Keys Paddling Atlas; by Bill and Mary Burnham
  26. The Frozen Coast: Sea Kayaking the Antarctic Peninsula; by Graham Charles, Mark Jones, Marcus Waters, with Sarah Moodie
  27. Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation, 3rd edition; by David Burch
  28. Grace under Pressure, Learning the Kayak Roll. DVD
  29. Greenland Rolling with Dubside, Volume 1. DVD
  30. Guide to Sea Kayaking in Maine: The Best Day Trips and Tours from Casco Bay to Machias; by Shelley Johnson and Vaughan Smith. (2 copies)
  31. Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southeast Alaska: The Best Day Trips and Tours from Misty Fjords to
    Glacier Bay; by Jim Howard
  32. Hot Showers! Maine Coast Lodgings for Kayakers and Sailors, 2nd edition; by Lee Bumsted
  33. In the Surf! Performance Surf Kayaking; by Kent Ford. DVD
  34. Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak: One Woman’s Journey Through the Northwest Passage; by
    Victoria Jason
  35. Kayak Cookery: A Handbook of Provisions and Recipes; by Linda Daniel
  36. The Kayak Roll. DVD
  37. Kayak Routes of the Pacific Northwest Coast: From Northern Oregon to British Columbia’s North Coast; by Peter McGee
  38. Kayaking the Aleutians; by Justine Curgenven. DVD (2 copies)
  39. Kayaking the Maine Coast: A Paddler’s Guide to Day Trips from Kittery to Cobscook, 1st edition; by Dorcas Miller
  40. Kayaking the Maine Coast: A Paddler’s Guide to Day Trips from Kittery to Cobscook, 2nd edition; by Dorcas Miller. (2 copies)
  41. Kayaking the Vermillion Sea: Eight Hundred Miles down the Baja; by Jonathan Waterman
  42. Kayaking through History, Volume 1, Maine Paddles: Deer Isle/Stonington: by Richard Fleming
  43. Keep Australia on Your Left: A True Story of an Attempt to Circumnavigate Australia by Kayak; by Eric Stiller
  44. The Lightweight Gourmet: drying and cooking food for the outdoor life; by Alan S. Kesselheim
  45. The Lost Coast of Gabon: Sea Kayaking West Africa; by Jon Bowermaster. DVD
  46. The Magnificent Peninsula: the only absolutely essential guide to Mexico’s Baja California; by Jack Williams
  47. The Maine Coast Guide for Small Boats: Casco Bay; by Curtis Rindlaub
  48. Maine’s Casco Bay Islands: A Guide; by Nance Trueworthy and David Tyler
  49. Maine Coastal Public Access Guide: Southern Region, Midcoast Region, and Downeast Region; three volumes published by Maine Coastal Program
  50. My Reach: A Hudson River Memoir; by Susan Fox Rogers
  51. Nanook of the North. DVD
  52. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking; by Nigel Foster
  53. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 1: Getting Started. DVD
  54. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 2: Essential Strokes. DVD
  55. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 3: Directional Control. DVD
  56. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 4: Rescues. DVD
  57. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 5: Forward Paddling. DVD
  58. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 6: Rolling and Bracing. DVD
  59. Nigel Foster’s Surf Kayaking; by Nigel Foster
  60. On Celtic Tides; by Chris Duff
  61. On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean; by Scott B. Williams
  62. Onboard Weather Handbook: Understanding and Predicting Conditions at Sea; by Chris Tibbs
  63. One Inch above the Water: Running Away on America’s Rivers; by Jim Payne
  64. Paddle to Seattle. DVD
  65. Paddling Against the Tide: The Story of Lincoln Canoe, An Entrepreneurial Saga; by Sandy Martin
  66. Paddling Hawaii, second edition; by Audrey Sutherland
  67. Paddling My Own Canoe; by Audrey Sutherland
  68. Paddling North; by Audrey Sutherland
  69. Practical Kayaking DVD; the Dolphin’s Eye. DVD
  70. Qayaqs & Canoes: Native Ways of Knowing; Alaska Native Heritage Center. Videotape. DVD copy
  71. Rivers of Memory: A Journey on Maine’s Historic Midcoast Waterways; by John Gibson
  72. Rowing to Latitude: Journeys Along the Arctic’s Edge; by Jill Fredston
  73. Sea Kayak: A Manual for Intermediate and Advanced Sea Kayakers; by Gordon Brown
  74. Sea Kayak Navigation; by Franco Ferrero
  75. Sea Kayak Navigation Simplified; by Lee Moyer
  76. Sea Kayak Rescue: The Definitive Guide to Modern Reentry and Recovery Techniques, 1st edition; by Roger Schumann & Jan Shriner. (2 copies)
  77. Sea Kayak Rescue: The Definitive Guide to Modern Reentry and Recovery Techniques, 2nd edition; by Roger Schumann & Jan Shriner
  78. Sea Kayak Strokes: A Guide to Efficient Paddling Strokes; by Doug Alderson
  79. Sea Kayaker’s Deep Trouble: True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine; by Matt Broze and George Gronseth. (2 copies)
  80. Sea Kayaker’s More Deep Trouble: More True Stories and Their Lessions from Sea Kayaker Magazine; Christopher Cunningham, editor The Sea Kayaker’s Guide to Mount Desert Island; Jennifer Alisa Paigen. (2 copies)
  81. Sea Kayaker’s Savvy Paddler: More than 500 Tips for Better Kayaking; by Doug Alderson
  82. Sea Kayaking along the Mid-Atlantic Coast; by Tamsin Venn
  83. Sea Kayaking along the New England Coast, 1st edition; by Tamsin Venn
  84. Sea Kayaking along the New England Coast, 2nd edition; by Tamsin Venn
  85. Sea Kayaking: A Manual for Long-Distance Touring, 4th edition; by John Dowd
  86. Sea Kayaking: A Woman’s Guide; by Shelley Johnson
  87. Sea Kayaking in Florida; by David Gluckman
  88. Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia; by Scott Cunningham
  89. Sea Kayaking in Tasmania, Australia; by Laurie Ford. DVD
  90. Sea Kayaking Safety & Rescue; by John Lull
  91. Sea Kayaking: The Essential Guide to Equipment and Techniques; by Johan Loots
  92. Sea Kayaking: The Ultimate Guide; with Ken Whiting and Alex Matthews. DVD
  93. Simple Kayak Navigation: Practical Piloting for the Passionate Paddler; by Ray Killen
  94. Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson. DVD
  95. Spirited Waters: Soloing South Through the Inside Passage; by Jennifer Hahn
  96. Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador; by Nigel Foster
  97. This is the Roll: Greenland Rolling with Cheri Perry andTurner Wilson; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  98. This is the Sea; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  99. This is the Sea Two; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  100. This is the Sea 3; by Justine Curgenven. DVD (lost a copy, purchased new one)
  101. This is the Sea 4; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  102. This is the Sea 5; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  103. What Now? Sea kayak rescue techniques and aided rescue techniques. DVD copy of videotape
  104. Yoga for Paddlers; with Andria Baldovin. DVD