In 2022, SMSKN adopted Cow Island through the Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) Island Adopter Program. Cow Island is located in Casco Bay about 2.5 nautical miles northeast of Portland’s East End Beach. Stewardship responsibilities include visiting the island monthly, checking island conditions, picking up trash and doing other clean up, interacting with visitors, and reporting back to MITA. More detailed information on duties and the island itself can be found in other documents in this section of the SMSKN website.

A team of SMSKN members oversees SMSKN’s stewardship trips to the island. If you want to be on the Island Adoption Team see the “Cow Island Location and Adoption Tasks” document on the SMSKN website, which describes how to do that. Stewardship trips open to the general membership will be advertised on Meetup throughout the summer.

In the future, SMSKN hopes to adopt one or more additional MITA islands. SMSKN is pleased to be a part of MITA’s Island Adopter Program, which provides a way for this organization to help care for Casco Bay.