2021 Annual Membership Meeting

This is your chance to hear about what’s new for 2022 and to add your voice to the discussion about where our club could go. We’ve described some exciting new initiatives and skills training events, reviewed proposed changes to our bylaws and trip posting protocols, elected new board members and honored departing ones, and in general discussed all things SMSKN and beyond.

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November/December, 2021: Paddling the Inside Passage to Alaska

Guest speaker Susan Conrad, long distance kayaker and award-winning author, will share her story of a physical and emotional journey through an alluring, perilous, and healing seascape. In spring 2010, with her world scaled down to an 18-foot sea kayak and the 1,200-mile ribbon of water known as the Inside Passage, Susan launched a journey of the sea and soul that took her both northward to Alaska, and inward, as she discovered the depths of her own strength and courage. She paddled marathon distances for weeks on end, forged friendships with quirky people in the strangest of places, and pretended not to be intimidated by 700-pound grizzly bears and 40-ton whales. Learn more about this amazing and inspiring paddler at

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Susan Conrad’s Inside Passage Resource List


October, 2021: Cold Water Paddling

Because winter is just around the corner and many of us want to keep paddling, we’ve revisited the important topic of cold water safety. This time our instructor is Moulton Avery, founder and director of the National Center for Cold Water Safety.

In this class, Moulton discussed cold shock, swimming failure, and incapacitation, – physical responses that frequently lead to sudden drowning long before hypothermia becomes an issue. He also explained the Center’s Five Golden Rules – guidelines that any paddler can use to build a strong cold water safety net.

In addition, he busted some cold water myths and share insights on cold water paddling gear. If you’re thinking about paddling anytime after about now this is a critically important topic to understand fully, Learn from an internationally recognized expert about how to stay comfortable and safe when the water temperatures drop.

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September, 2021: MAYDAY – Casco Bay Rescue Analysis and Discussion

A well-known and highly experienced kayaker was seriously injured in the event, which culminated in a Mayday call and at-sea rescue. In this presentation, members of the paddling group will discuss the incident and share their thoughts and reactions as the drama unfolded. Learn what to do right when things go wrong on an ordinary morning of rock play.

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Original Rescue Footage

July, 2021: Sometimes Stuff Happens – Lessons Learned on a Trip to Jewell Island

You know all those maneuvers we’re supposed to know as sea kayakers? All those safety things, rescue skills, expensive clothing and gadgetry that the books say we should have? Well, sometimes you need them. On a recent SMSKN trip from Bailey Point to Jewell Island, five paddlers learned the importance of all of these elements when dealing with capsizes, cold water, and exhaustion on a windy afternoon in April. Listen to what happened and what we all learned as we candidly share our analysis of the situations and decisions during this ordinary-turned-epic trip.

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May, 2021: How to Organize! Or – How to Organize a SMSKN Paddling Trip

Ever wondered about organizing a SMSKN trip? Puzzled over who can do it and what’s involved? In this presentation Janet Robinson talks about how to become an official “Organizer” and what the expectations are, how to post a trip and what to say in the description, and then basic on-water practices to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time.

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2021 April presentation April, 2021: Ten Easy Kayaking Trips in Casco Bay

Ready to get out on the water, but not sure where to go? Then join SMSKN member Greg Fergin as he describes ten scenic and easily manageable kayaking trips throughout Casco Bay. Enrich the discussion with your own suggestions and favorites, and get ready to plan many great paddling trips this season.

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February, 2021: Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Tim Glidden, President of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust speaks on the mission and role of the Trust and how it relates to kayaking. Founded in 1970 the Trust is best known for its 143 reserves (including such local favorites as the Goslings, Whaleboat, Clapboard, and Malaga). It also holds more than 300 easements and, working with its partners, has conserved more than 155,000 acres of Maine’s best. MCHT also conducts a wide range of programs aimed at protecting the coast. Tim has spoken to us before in his previous role with Land for Maine’s Future.

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January, 2021: Planning and Completing a Maine Coast Traverse

Ever thought about paddling the whole Maine Coast? Come hear Suzanne Blackburn and Janet Robinson describe how they planned their 2020 coastal traverse and then enjoy an account of the adventures and challenges of the trip itself. Learn about scheduling, route development, food planning, navigation, WAG BAGS! gear and other details, and then be inspired by some of the gorgeous scenery that the Maine coast offers along the route.

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November, 2020: Sea Kayaking Video: Shoot, Edit, Share

On-the-water photography presentation by member Tom Allen of Harpswell. You may have seen him on the water with his GoPro rig shooting video during SMSKN trips. In this presentation Tom gives a run down of his on-water and computer gear, how he edits his video, how he shares the completed videos, and stores and organizes the raw footage. Q&A session to follow presentation. Share your own strategies for shooting photos and video. You can view the video of the recent SMSKN trip around Cushing Island on October 31 at Tom’s YouTube channel, Kayak Reflections, here:

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