Items may be checked out at meetings, or by contacting Lee Bumsted via Meetup ( Can do pickup and drop-offs at SMSKN meetings or her house in South Portland.

Loan period is two months, with a three item limit per member, so that materials will be available to other members. Contact Lee with suggestions of reading/viewing materials you’d like the Network to acquire.

Resources available:

  1. 1st Roll: Eskimo Roll for Sea Kayakers; by Jay Babina. DVD
  2. ABC’s of the Surf Zone; University of Sea Kayaking Vol. 4 (Wayne Horodowich), DVD
  3. A Boat in our Baggage: Around the World with a Kayak; by Maria Coffey.
    Adventure Kayaking: Trips in Glacier Bay; by Don Skillman
  4. Alone at Sea; by Dr. Hannes Lindemann
  5. AMC’s Best Sea Kayaking in New England: 50 Coastal Paddling Adventures from Maine to Connecticut; by Michael Daugherty
  6. Around the Rock: A Newfoundland Sea Kayak Journey; by Ken Campbell
  7. Belize by Kayak; by Kirk Barrett
  8. Bracing Clinic: The Art of Staying Upright by University of Sea Kayaking Vol 5 (Wayne Horodowich). DVD
  9. The Brent Reitz Forward Stroke Clinic. DVD
  10. British Canoe Union Canoe and Kayak Handbook; edited by Franco Ferrero
  11. Building Skin-on-Frame Boats; by Robert Morris
  12. Chart #1 U.S. Nautical Chart Symbols Abbreviations and Terms
  13. Cold Water Boating; by Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation. DVD
  14. Complete Book of Sea Kayaking, 5th edition; by Derek Hutchinson
  15. The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook, 1st edition; by Shelley Johnson
  16. The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook, 2nd edition; by Shelley Johnson
  17. The Cruelest Journey: Six Hundred Miles to Timbuktu; by Kira Salak
  18. Decide to Return: A Strategy for Safe Sea Kayaking; by American Canoe Association. DVD
  19. Derek C. Hutchinson’s Expedition Kayaking, 4th edition; by Derek Hutchinson
  20. Dr. Ben’s New & Improved Rolling Elixir; by Ben Lawry. DVD
  21. Eastern Horizons: Exploring the Atlantic Coast by Kayak. DVD
  22. Eskimo Rolling, 3rd edition; by Derek Hutchinson
  23. Essential Sea Kayaking; by Jonathan Hanson
  24. Fearless: One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent; by Joe Glickman
  25. Florida Keys Paddling Atlas; by Bill and Mary Burnham
  26. The Frozen Coast: Sea Kayaking the Antarctic Peninsula; by Graham Charles, Mark Jones, Marcus Waters, with Sarah Moodie
  27. Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation, 3rd edition; by David Burch
  28. Grace under Pressure, Learning the Kayak Roll. DVD
  29. Greenland Rolling with Dubside, Volume 1. DVD
  30. Guide to Sea Kayaking in Maine: The Best Day Trips and Tours from Casco Bay to Machias; by Shelley Johnson and Vaughan Smith. (2 copies)
  31. Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southeast Alaska: The Best Day Trips and Tours from Misty Fjords to
    Glacier Bay; by Jim Howard
  32. Hot Showers! Maine Coast Lodgings for Kayakers and Sailors, 2nd edition; by Lee Bumsted
  33. In the Surf! Performance Surf Kayaking; by Kent Ford. DVD
  34. Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak: One Woman’s Journey Through the Northwest Passage; by
    Victoria Jason
  35. Kayak Cookery: A Handbook of Provisions and Recipes; by Linda Daniel
  36. The Kayak Roll. DVD
  37. Kayak Routes of the Pacific Northwest Coast: From Northern Oregon to British Columbia’s North Coast; by Peter McGee
  38. Kayaking the Aleutians; by Justine Curgenven. DVD (2 copies)
  39. Kayaking the Maine Coast: A Paddler’s Guide to Day Trips from Kittery to Cobscook, 1st edition; by Dorcas Miller
  40. Kayaking the Maine Coast: A Paddler’s Guide to Day Trips from Kittery to Cobscook, 2nd edition; by Dorcas Miller. (2 copies)
  41. Kayaking the Vermillion Sea: Eight Hundred Miles down the Baja; by Jonathan Waterman
  42. Kayaking through History, Volume 1, Maine Paddles: Deer Isle/Stonington: by Richard Fleming
  43. Keep Australia on Your Left: A True Story of an Attempt to Circumnavigate Australia by Kayak; by Eric Stiller
  44. The Lightweight Gourmet: drying and cooking food for the outdoor life; by Alan S. Kesselheim
  45. The Lost Coast of Gabon: Sea Kayaking West Africa; by Jon Bowermaster. DVD
  46. The Magnificent Peninsula: the only absolutely essential guide to Mexico’s Baja California; by Jack Williams
  47. The Maine Coast Guide for Small Boats: Casco Bay; by Curtis Rindlaub
  48. Maine’s Casco Bay Islands: A Guide; by Nance Trueworthy and David Tyler
  49. Maine Coastal Public Access Guide: Southern Region, Midcoast Region, and Downeast Region; three volumes published by Maine Coastal Program
  50. My Reach: A Hudson River Memoir; by Susan Fox Rogers
  51. Nanook of the North. DVD
  52. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking; by Nigel Foster
  53. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 1: Getting Started. DVD
  54. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 2: Essential Strokes. DVD
  55. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 3: Directional Control. DVD
  56. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 4: Rescues. DVD
  57. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 5: Forward Paddling. DVD
  58. Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series, Volume 6: Rolling and Bracing. DVD
  59. Nigel Foster’s Surf Kayaking; by Nigel Foster
  60. On Celtic Tides; by Chris Duff
  61. On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean; by Scott B. Williams
  62. Onboard Weather Handbook: Understanding and Predicting Conditions at Sea; by Chris Tibbs
  63. One Inch above the Water: Running Away on America’s Rivers; by Jim Payne
  64. Paddle to Seattle. DVD
  65. Paddling Against the Tide: The Story of Lincoln Canoe, An Entrepreneurial Saga; by Sandy Martin
  66. Paddling Hawaii, second edition; by Audrey Sutherland
  67. Paddling My Own Canoe; by Audrey Sutherland
  68. Paddling North; by Audrey Sutherland
  69. Practical Kayaking DVD; the Dolphin’s Eye. DVD
  70. Qayaqs & Canoes: Native Ways of Knowing; Alaska Native Heritage Center. Videotape. DVD copy
  71. Rivers of Memory: A Journey on Maine’s Historic Midcoast Waterways; by John Gibson
  72. Rowing to Latitude: Journeys Along the Arctic’s Edge; by Jill Fredston
  73. Sea Kayak: A Manual for Intermediate and Advanced Sea Kayakers; by Gordon Brown
  74. Sea Kayak Navigation; by Franco Ferrero
  75. Sea Kayak Navigation Simplified; by Lee Moyer
  76. Sea Kayak Rescue: The Definitive Guide to Modern Reentry and Recovery Techniques, 1st edition; by Roger Schumann & Jan Shriner. (2 copies)
  77. Sea Kayak Rescue: The Definitive Guide to Modern Reentry and Recovery Techniques, 2nd edition; by Roger Schumann & Jan Shriner
  78. Sea Kayak Strokes: A Guide to Efficient Paddling Strokes; by Doug Alderson
  79. Sea Kayaker’s Deep Trouble: True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine; by Matt Broze and George Gronseth. (2 copies)
  80. Sea Kayaker’s More Deep Trouble: More True Stories and Their Lessions from Sea Kayaker Magazine; Christopher Cunningham, editor The Sea Kayaker’s Guide to Mount Desert Island; Jennifer Alisa Paigen. (2 copies)
  81. Sea Kayaker’s Savvy Paddler: More than 500 Tips for Better Kayaking; by Doug Alderson
  82. Sea Kayaking along the Mid-Atlantic Coast; by Tamsin Venn
  83. Sea Kayaking along the New England Coast, 1st edition; by Tamsin Venn
  84. Sea Kayaking along the New England Coast, 2nd edition; by Tamsin Venn
  85. Sea Kayaking: A Manual for Long-Distance Touring, 4th edition; by John Dowd
  86. Sea Kayaking: A Woman’s Guide; by Shelley Johnson
  87. Sea Kayaking in Florida; by David Gluckman
  88. Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia; by Scott Cunningham
  89. Sea Kayaking in Tasmania, Australia; by Laurie Ford. DVD
  90. Sea Kayaking Safety & Rescue; by John Lull
  91. Sea Kayaking: The Essential Guide to Equipment and Techniques; by Johan Loots
  92. Sea Kayaking: The Ultimate Guide; with Ken Whiting and Alex Matthews. DVD
  93. Simple Kayak Navigation: Practical Piloting for the Passionate Paddler; by Ray Killen
  94. Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson. DVD
  95. Spirited Waters: Soloing South Through the Inside Passage; by Jennifer Hahn
  96. Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador; by Nigel Foster
  97. This is the Roll: Greenland Rolling with Cheri Perry andTurner Wilson; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  98. This is the Sea; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  99. This is the Sea Two; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  100. This is the Sea 3; by Justine Curgenven. DVD (lost a copy, purchased new one)
  101. This is the Sea 4; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  102. This is the Sea 5; by Justine Curgenven. DVD
  103. What Now? Sea kayak rescue techniques and aided rescue techniques. DVD copy of videotape
  104. Yoga for Paddlers; with Andria Baldovin. DVD



NE Seacoat

NOAA Gray Maine       

NOAA Caribou Maine  

Tide Predictions            

Current Predictions       

Bouy Data                     

Surf/swell Info              

Surf Forecasts               

Beaufort Scales for kayakers



Maine Island Trail Association (MITA)                         

Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT)                          

Coastal Pilot    1             

Chart 1                           


US Coast Guard Radio Information for Boaters            

Boat US Marine VHF Basicas                                             


Sea Kayak by Gordon Brown 2006

The Art of Kayaking by Nigel Foster 2017

Sea Kayak Handling by Doug Cooper 2009

Rough Water Handling by Doug Cooper 2012

Seakayaking Safety and Rescue by John Lull 2008


Kayak Navigation by David Burch  2016

Sea Kayak Navigation by Franco Ferrero 2007

Simple Kayak Navigation by Ray Killen 2006

NOAA Chart Number 1

NOAA Coastal Pilot 1

USCG Navigation Rules

Tidelog for Northern New England

Paddling Guides

Kayaking the Maine Coast by Dorcas Miller

AMC Seak Kayaking in New England

First Aid

Paddlers’ Guide for Treating Medical Emergencies by Partick Brighton

Mountaineering First Aid by Carline, Lentz and Macdonald


Onboard weather forecasting by Bob Sweet a Captain’s Quick guidelines

Davis Quick reference Weather Forecasting ISBN # 1-892524-06-6