After lots of discussions, the SMSKN Board gave the go-ahead to launch the SMSKN Tide Race newsletter. The first edition was launched on Sunday, February 5 and sent to all active SMSKN members as identified in the Meetup member listing.

SMSKN has a long history of using newsletters as a means for connecting with the broader community. And, as one might expect, the newsletter has “ebbed and flowed” over the years as the membership has evolved. As a relative new-comer to SMSKN, I have enjoyed looking back on these old issues to see how the club has changed over time. And, how the sport itself has changed…

With Tide Race, our primary goal is to enrich the SMSKN member community in a number of ways including:

  1. Share Club news and facilitate member awareness of club events (i.e. Meetings, boats, trips, etc)
  2. Act as a shared source of knowledge and wisdom (i.e. blog posts, links, trip reports, etc)
  3. Provide a vehicle for members to participate through contributing ideas and content (i.e. blog posts, trip reports, etc. )

The Tide Race will evolve over time! Please let us know what you think!